Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Power of Music by Kendell Miller

Music is like therapy to me. It’s a way for me to express how I’m feeling. Music is a way to convey emotions and a way to relate to other people. When I listen to a song that I can relate to it makes me feel understood. Whether it be through a slow song or an upbeat one. I view music as a way to escape, a way to forget about what’s going on in my life even if its just for a short amount of time.  I don’t have specific type of music that means more to me than another type. I mainly like music that has meaning rather than a song that’s just words thrown together with a beat.
One song in particular has a deep personal meaning to me is “3am” by Matchbox Twenty. The song itself has a meaningful story behind it. The lead singer of Matchbox Twenty wrote “3am” about his mother and how he took care of her when she was sick with cancer. Although this song was released the year before I was born I remember it playing in many moments of my childhood. When I was little my mom would play music as she cleaned and “3am” was a song that always came on. It’s one of my mom’s favorite songs, it’s a song that all of my siblings know. This song is like home for me. Oddly enough it’s a song that makes me think of where I come from. As far as songs go I know that there’s songs that are better and more meaningful but none of them come close to the meaning that this song has to me. Its something that my mom and I share. Even now at 18 whenever this song comes on the radio and I’m with my mom we always blast it and sing loudly, and quite horribly, along with it.
My personal favorite lyrics from the song are the opening lyrics, “She says it’s cold outside and she hands me my raincoat. She’s always worried about things like that.” I also love the lyrics that show up later in the song. “And the clock on the wall has been stuck at 3 for days, and days. She thinks that happiness is the mat that sits on her doorway.”
This is a photo of the band Matchbox Twenty. The song 3am meant a lot for
the band because it proved that they weren't a one hit wonder.


  1. great band matchbox twenty is and old band but clearly very good i also like that you can relate to music as therapy instead of just relaxing

  2. Those lyrics are really powerful. I've listened to that song a few times. They are a really good band. It's awesome that you use music for therapy. I've definitely became friends with most people just because of the music we have in common.

  3. I really do agree that music is therapy. I am pleased with the lyrics that you presented. I also like the caption. You give some good information about the band. Great job !

  4. I never knew that's what it was about. The more you know.

  5. I really believe music is therapy as well, Music gives you a chance to relax and just enjoy beautiful sounds and rhymes

  6. Really love those lyrics you chose! Gives a lot of meaning and life to the band!


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