Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Journal 8 By Tiff

I believe dreamers and eccentrics keep it interesting in our culture today depending on how hard you work.they value the hard work they put in to complete that job and knowing they did a great job so that makes them satisfied with the work and effect they have given.you have to work hard to receive the satisfaction you want in life. Our culture i believe encourages these values . All though school up until now i was always know as they person that kept to herself didnt want to talk in front of the class shy type thought if i work by myself on papers or projects in class and not said a work i would do a good job non to my surprise one day i was working on a  class project with a group of students and i was called on to say what i thought was and as soon as i was ask that i let all my thoughts that i had held in me about  this project out everyone loved my ideas and  they wanted to know  more about my best ideas and work. and i made a few friends out of it too . Working on getting out of this shy stage .

My reading in  holding on is going very well i believe this book does a great job describing in great detail what these people went though their ups and downs and what they went though to get where they are today as a U.S citizen. One thing that i personally cant seem to understand is why is the whole world not reading this book one question that i thought was good that i came up was why would one person want to go around the world and talk to people they dont know then write a book about their storites and share it with us?

The profile that stuck to me the most was the Jane the cook the lady that worked at one job for 42 years and never once thought i am getting tried of the same old job i think i need to find something else . one thing i learned is dont take your job for granted just because it gets tough or your not getting paid enough money she work 42 years and only got paid 5.50 a hour thats way less then what minimum wage makes.The passage that met the most to me is on the bottom on page 54 . "Talking about the civil rights movement, i dont think thinks will ever get to equal rights where it will be equal. alot have changed in this world but in ways its still as it always has been like i get paid 5.55 an hour after all these years and i feel sometimes if a white person did this job they would get paid more then me just because of the color of their skin" why i picked civil rights movement passage and why its impotant is because if you are working at one job for that many years you should have to feel like your not gonna get paid enough just because the color of your skin you should say to your self "we should all get paid equal no matter our color of skin"


  1. I also kept to myself in high school but for different reasons though. I also like how these stories shows us insight to these people's lives. I think your question is a good mind opener. If you love what you do then I say it's not work. You got to find something you love to do and go for it.

  2. I loved that story too! It felt good to know that she was finally recognized!


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