Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Getaway from Miguel

The Getaway
            Music is amazing. I have always found music as a fantastic getaway when life brings you bumps in the road. Most music unless you listen to current ©rap tell stories of their own. I think an artist that is amazing at this is Daft Punk. They released an album called Discovery, along with the album they released music videos with each song depicting the story of an alien band being kidnapped by a corporation on earth and being forced to sing for humans. The music has so much emotion and just listening to it you can feel what they sing about. I recommend everyone watch the videos in order just to understand the story.
            I think the moment I remember most where music helped me was a day in Iraq. That night I had gone to sleep at two AM after getting off the phone with my wife. My headphones in my ears. You learn overtime to find ways to overcome all the noise of inbound airplanes and helicopters through the night. Mine was sleeping with my headphones playing quietly in my ears through the night. Three hours later came the longest half hour that I’ve ever experienced. The sirens signaling incoming indirect fires blared. “Incoming, Incoming, Incoming!” The alarm screams our response at the time to get shelter in the nearest bunker. This happened as we were closing Iraq down for good. I got into my bunker and normally one or two rockets are generally launched when they would shoot at us. This was a different day. For thirty minutes rockets came in. During the first five minutes I heard every rocket scream like a banshee as it went overhead. Ten minutes in they continuously fell and I realized I had my iPod in the bunker with me. I put those headphones in and blared “Too Long”. Daft Punk let me live somewhere else for a little while. Music saved my sanity that day. I love them for that and they will always be my go to music.
I waited for so long outside myself
You see I was pretending to be someone else”
That verse describes how I felt for the rest of the time that we were being attacked.

The robotic duo Daft Punk


  1. the meaning behind why you liked that song is really amazing. It really shows how important this song is to you.

  2. I would also like to agree with Kendell. The meaning you gave behind the song is powerful. Bringing yourself out from this song really gave me more details about you personally. Great job!

  3. I am very glad that music was an outlet to escape the madness of war! Thank you for your service!


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