Monday, March 21, 2016

Middle School Bullies- Carmen Curtis

I believe that dreamers and eccentrics big imagination to our culture and help us see how unique people can be. I believe these people have great value in our community but are not always appreciated. I believe that our culture both encourages and discourages this type of person. in my experience I have never really had anyone be mean to me for being different. I have always been shy and quiet but it never caused me any problems. I'm so glade that I have never had these types of problems but I have seen people have them. once I was walking in front of a girl named Mira and she was always picked on because of her size. I don't know if it was because of an eating problem or what exactly made her that way but she was like me. She had been quiet and shy but very proud of herself and when she laughed it would always make you smile to. While I was walking in front of her some guy came up behind her and pushed all of her books out of her hands and told her that she was an "ugly cow." I went to pick her books for her since she was having problems doing it herself. even in the bad there is still good and it was great for Mira that Mrs. Hughes had seen the incident. She had told me "Carmen don't you dare pick up though books" she then proceeded to yell for the boy that had pushed them out of Mira"s hands and told him to pick them up and say sorry to Mira. The boy was sent to the office and Mrs. Hughes called Mira over and told her that she was beautiful no matter what other people said or thought because the only thing that mattered is how she thought of herself. I believe that though some people try to degrade dreamers and eccentrics some people know their worth and appreciate them.

My reading in holding on is going great so far. I find all the people to be very interesting and fun to read about. I feel the strengths of this book is that its showing us all these people that may not have much but what they do have is a great story to tell. I believe that one weakness of this book would be that its hard to place where you are in some of the stories. I would like to know why Moreese Bickham feels about finally being able to meet some of his family an how his life is different now.

The story that has stuck with ,e the most would have to "steam Train" Maury Graham because in my sophomore year of high school I learned about hobo's. We hadn't gone into much detail about them but we had this activity where our teacher gave us symbols that we had to learn. In the activity we were hobo's. We found out that if you didn't know the symbols then you would be really confused on where to go to get every thing on the scavenger hunt list. "Many of the Hobo's wrote little markers on a telephone post or a fence with chalk." I had no idea that this was an actual thing that Hobo's use to do. This makes that activity that I did so much more important to me somehow.


  1. I couldn't of said it better, creative people are of high value and importance but aren't always given the proper support or recognition they deserve. Instead most the times it is returned with disapproving or mocking tones from those around them. Also it is quite grotesque hearing what the bullies in school say and really makes you feel bad for the victims on the other end. It is also enjoyable to hear your passion towards the book and your view on it. And I too was fascinated learning about the signs the hobo's used to let others know weather it was a safe area or not.

  2. I agree that these types of people are not always appreciated. It's good that you didn't have problems for keeping to yourself and being quiet. But there are people who do and it isn't right. I also find the peoples individual stories interesting. I also chose "Steam Train" because it gave a new perspective on hoboes (not that I ever thought bad about them) and the way they go about.

  3. What are some of the other symbols you learned about? They seem interesting to learn about.

  4. Mira meant everything to me. I never let anyone tell her anything because she was beautiful and amazing. Bulling is ridiculous. I can't stand that people just have ti constantly attack others verbally and physically.


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