Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Christine Mailey journal 8

                                                      Never too Old to Dream                                        
I have always been a dreamer.  I think dreaming is a wonderful thing.  I have always been my own person.  I wouldn't call myself ecsentric, but always found people that were interesting.  Most of our society judges if you are not the majority or do not do things in a certain way.  I love meeting different people and finding out what makes them tick and find out about their experiences.  I believe we learn from one another.  Life can be a bit of an adventure at times.
I did not go to college right out of high school.  I went to cosmetology school, owned a salon for several years.  I was a housewife and mom for many years.  I had an Allstate Insurance agency for a short time, and had numerous jobs throughout my life.  A few years ago I was an assistant teacher at Headstart, and loved working with the students.  So a couple of years ago I decided to go to college to become a teacher.  I remember the first day I stepped onto campus, I thought to myself, what am I doing?  I am forty-eight years old,and still dreaming of things I can do or accomplish in my life.  I encourage you to dream and more importantly follow your dreams.
I have had a set-back, I just suffered a heart-attack during spring break.  I did not have to have surgery, but taking meds.  I am still holding onto  my dreams of being a teacher.  As long as you have breath you can continue to dream.  If I am able to help one student,then I will have fulfilled my dream.
I thought the writings of Robert Shields was fascinating.  I can not help but wonder how much life passed him by, while documenting all accounts of his day.  I think it would be exhausting to have to do this every day.  You are so wrapped up in documenting, real life experiences are being missed.
My readings are going well.  I think it is great reading about different experiences people have in their lives.  We can learn valuable things from other people's experiences. We also may be encouraged to be ecsentric and dream from others experiences.

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