Sunday, March 6, 2016

Journal #7- John Hunter Bayer

After watching The Hobart Shakespearians, I thought what my elementary school experience. I remember meeting some of my oldest friends, learning and having fun. But I can honestly say that I have never had a teacher like Rafe Esquith. How he teaches his students is so unique, and it brings light to how teachers interact with their students at an acedemic level, has well as an emotional level. The kids in his class clearly love being in his class, so much as to spend time in class during Christmas break. It's incredible how Rafe treats his students with care, respect, and discipline. He wants to help them learn by teaching them subjects and topics that most kids would learn in middle or high school. I was amazed how they could recite Hamlet without looking at scripts or messing up any lines. It's clear that Mr. Esquith knows what he is doing, and I can bet his students are striving for the best to this day.

My elementary experience is pretty fuzzy. I remember one moment in the fourth grade and teacher's names, but I don't remember any thing other than that. Elementary school just flew for me. I moved to the school district during the 2nd grade after my mom applied for a job at the high school as the art teacher. I remember meeting my oldest friends, CJ and Conrad. I also remember doing a little puppet show in the 4th grade. Everything else is kinda a blur. The teacher I remember the most in elementary was my 4th grade teacher and my mom when she teached elementary classes at my old school. I remember how my 4th grade teacher was nice and caring, but she always made sure no one would fall behind in class. As for my mother, I remember how in class, she never saw me her kid, but as her student. I learned from this no matter what, every teahcet should treat their students with the same.

I guess a good personal goal for me for next year would be to continue searching what I enjoy learning about sand find a major in that field, as well as getting good grades so i can strive for that major I am still searching for. I might have to give up some of my spare time to do so, but I will be worth it.

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