Sunday, March 6, 2016

Response to The Hobart Shakespearians by Carmen

I believe that this movie was a really good inspiration to me not only because the problems that I had reading Shakespeare but also because I am hoping to become a teacher myself one day. I want to be able to reach these standards of teaching and  really make a impact on my students lives. I want to be able to take from these techniques and learn how Raf can get so close to his students that he can change and inspire them the way he does.

I picked up on a lot of Raf Esquith teaching methods throughout this movie. Even in the beginning of the movie you could easily pick up on some of his unique methods on teaching the kids the information that he needed to learn. he begins the class by teaching the kids Shakespeare. This leads the kids on a forward learning trend. The children were sitting on the desks with I believe lets them become comfortable in their learning space. After this it shows him picking which kids will have each parts in the play that they put on. Raf teaches the children to "be nice and work hard" for what they want. He has a rent and pay for the seats they want and even auctions off prizes for the kids to bet for. It teaches them to save and manage their money.

In elementary I moved around so much that I couldn't really get close to any of my teachers but there is one teacher that I remember very well. I don't remember his name but he did teach me math in fourth grade. He was such an enthusiastic teacher that he got me so inspired to learn. He would let us sit on the desks and through us a ball to be able to answer a question. The only bad thing is that his wife was pregnant during our school year. When she went in for birth the baby was a still born and he never was the same after that.

The goal that I set for myself for the next year is to get my own car and to start saving to move out of my moms house. I will have to sacrifice anything extra that I might want such as makeup, good tasting food and a lot a free time so that I can work instead.

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