Monday, March 21, 2016

Hunter Bayer- Journal #8

I believe that the dreamers and eccentrics in our culture value the effort and time they put into there work. They value the results of there work and enjoy the satisfaction it brings to them. They also value the diversity people bring to life. I believe that our culture encourages these values. My experience with high school is a good example of this. Before high school, I was a quiet and shy person, until I wanted to break away from that and show people who I am. My results were people wanting to be my friend as well as wanting to see me do my best at my work.

I enjoy reading Holding On so far. I think the book does a great job giving us a portraying of what these people do everyday and turns them from being normal U.S. citizens, to something as if the whole world should hear there stories. One thing that bothers me however, is how some stories have a somewhat slow pacing to it. While it is interesting, some stories take more time in the introduction portion than others, and to me it slows down the pacing of the book. The only question I have for this book is this: why? Why would someone go out of there way and talk to fifty people around the country just to hear about there lives?

The profile that I found the most interesting so far is Moreese Bickham. I learned from Moreese's story is about his sentence to jail for life was a mistake and was innocent, but was found guilty because of his skin color, and a gang with power. I have heard of stories like this before, but the fact that he was forced to his life sentence even after proving him he only killed them in self-defense after getting shot. What I learned from this passage was about how even the most innocent of men can be ruined all because of people being corrupt, and how it can control even the law itself.


  1. I don't weather I was just unlucky with the environment of my school however I had the exact opposite result of showing creativity and being eccentric. I can't stand the pace as well during some of the stories, it seems as if some just drag on. I keep asking myself the same question, Why? Austin chose Bickham as well I think you should look at his post you guys have similar view on the Bickham case.

  2. i like that fact that you said even the innocent men get ruined by people because their corrupt that statement is so true


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