Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Dreamers - Miranda

Dreamers and eccentrics have a very important role in our culture even though many of them go unnoticed. They hold onto their imagination and allow people to expand their thoughts into a world of dreams. I believe that the world both encourages and discourages dreams in different ways. Some ideas are okay, and others are not all depending upon who you talk to. There are many differences between people in our everyday society some people are introverts and some are extroverts and this is a big difference when it comes to how to think, dream, and act. Some people rather spend their time inside their imagination and live like Miles Mahan, who tells about the importance of the hula girl that she salvaged from a Hawaiian restaurant roughly 63 years ago because it holds value to him, just like rocks have value to me because they show the history of the earth and are millions of years old even if they look like gravel to someone else.
Holding on is going pretty great so far I enjoy many of the stories and some are interesting. I like some stories better than others, there are some weak  so those would be the only strength/weaknesses of the book.
The story that struck me the most is the one about Harold C. Cotton, the hat blocker. Because he explains that he fixes and refurbishes every single hat. Even if the owner does not come back in a timely manner, he still continues to keep the hats incase they do return for the hat, and he has learned through experience that if he were to throw away the hat that then the owner would come back asking for it and then he would no longer have it. It shows that he has always worked hard at re-shaping the hats and making them look nice even when the hat trend started to fade out he has still managed to remain in business and never sells an unpicked up hat which is dedication to his customers even if they never return for the hat, he still keeps them.


  1. I agree with what you said about how we discourage and encourage for different dreams. Everyone has different opinions on different dreams.

  2. To me I also thought his loyalty to his costumers showed a lot about his character.

  3. To me I also thought his loyalty to his costumers showed a lot about his character.


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