Sunday, March 6, 2016

Matthew Rimmer Journal 7 Hobart Shakespeareans

     To be honest I actually enjoyed watching this documentary. I like Rafe as a person and a teacher. He truly cares about his students and he gives it his all to help them. Likewise the students care about Rafe and give it their all. When a student does not understand something he takes the time to explain it to them until they understand it. Unlike experiences with previous teachers the students are not afraid to ask for help when they do not understand something.
     Rafe is one of those types of teachers that are hard to find. As a result of how he teaches and does a lot for his class the other teachers resent him. They distance themselves from him and do not even bother to associate with him. However, all of that does not change the way he teaches. He sticks to supporting and helping his class. I say there needs to be more teachers like Rafe.
     Most teachers now a days just seem to show up and do their job at a bare minimum. They just drone on and do not take the time to truly "teach". Then when a student does not understand the teachers blame it on them. Unfortunately for me that is how most of my teachers were when I was in school. I would always pay attention and do my best but every now and then I would have trouble, I mean who has not. Yeah my teachers would help but they sort of made me feel like I was at fault. Only every now and then I would have teachers who I could truly connect with. They would go into detail about what they were teaching and truly help when I needed it.
     The main goal I have for next year is to continue strong with college. I want to do my best in classes. I do not want to procrastinate anymore even though I hardly do now but still. I want to get things done in good quality as soon as I can. I want to study the material. I just want to keep going while giving it my all.


  1. Rafe shows us truly how much he cares in the film just as you said and what is even more impact full is that from his caring, the kids show a deeper connection and importance to the class.

  2. Rafe is a great teacher i wish he was my teacher back in middle school. My middle school teacher were not fun lol


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