Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Conversations without Words- Miranda

Music means my life line. To me music has a very big influence on my life and has played a vital role for the past 7 years. Being in band taught me to read music and perform as entertainment. Music has always been a way of expression and self creativity and also if I needed to get out emotions that words could not explain music was there for me; my saving grace. I was apart of concert band for 6 years, symphonic band for 1 year, pep band for 6 years, and marching band for 4 years. Through this I've made numerous life long friends and have been taught by the best music directors of all time. (My opinion anyway) When you sign up for band, you aren't just signing up for a section, or even chair position you are signing up for a family. This family is never-ending, it is life long. One band, one team.

Classical music has the most influence on my life because this is what we would play for band, and on occasions we would play "pop music" which is new or relatively new music. We were able to tell a story without the use of words. Through simple notes, crescendo's where the music gets stronger and louder or decrescendo's where the music will slowly begin to fade out, slurs, and so on we could create tension, edge, fright, without a single word or could create smooth, relaxing, or joyful because of these notes and signs music has changed and adapted to fit the needs of everyday society.

Pyotr Llyich Tchaikovsky is my favorite composer from the late romantic period and has been since I was little. I would go to the Moscow Ballets "Great Russian Nutcracker" every time it was here at the Palace Theater or in Columbus. When junior year came around our marching band show theme for the up coming year was "Under the Double Eagle" and was centered around imperial Russia, the Nutcracker overture, and famous 1812 overture. This made me so overjoyed because it took me back to when I saw  ballet as a child and heard all of the music from the orchestra pit. It felt like I was 7 again. My favorite songs are those included on the Nutcracker soundtrack ( Mouse Queen, Mother of Stahbaum, The Mouse King, Ballerina, Sweet Tooth) which all center around the Ballet dance performed live without words to be spoken it is all performed through facial and body expressions along with the music accompanying it.

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  1. I like that you related this to your childhood. I also like that you were able to bring out the memories in your writing. I could feel the family and bond you had with the members due to your word choice. Great job!


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