Friday, March 4, 2016

Journal 7- Matthew Glenn

The Hobart Shakespearians was a great documentary. This film made it clear that we can have a very positive impact in others life, even by doing little things. It made me think about how much I take for granted and consider normal, others consider a luxury. It made me feel this way because the students in Rafe’s class come from bad situations, and he does his best to provide the children with a quality education. Rafe makes learning fun by taking trips, making sure the children understand and makes sure they know that he cares. To me, a quality education with teachers that care, has always been available. To some it is not and I had never gave it any thought before. During the film, I couldn’t help but to think about how some people are so careless about others. Rafe says, “Be nice. Work hard.” He really shows that caring and working hard is very beneficial for others, and yourself. The Hobart Shakespearians is a documentary that can help restore your faith in humanity.

My time in elementary school was amazing, from what I remember. My teachers never hesitated to go above and beyond to help me when I began to struggle. Out of all my teachers, Mrs. Stover was my favorite. It was fourth grade year, and what stands out most to about Mrs. Stover was the way she made sure each student really understood what was being taught. What I remember most was the time she would spend helping me have a better understanding of the subjects. She would take time from her own lunch break, or spend extra time after school to help. She was much like Rafe. Very selfless, and always put the needs of others before her own. Another great thing I remember from her class is the field trips that were taken. The Ohio State House, ecological farms, COSI, museums and many others. That year was full of educating, yet fun things.

A goal I have for the coming year would be to read more. English class has made me reflect back on the lack of reading I have done. Realizing now that reading can be very entertaining and educating at times. Sacrifices I will need to make would be giving up time with friends and movies, but it will be well worth it.      

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  1. I totally agree with you about taking what we have for granted. Most of us had pretty normal lives compared to Rafe's students. I think it is great that you had wonderful teachers in elementary school, especially Mrs. Stover. I think all teachers should be selfless like you mentioned. Teachers have a huge impact on their students. I agree with you as well about reading more. I have enjoyed our readings in this class.


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