Sunday, March 6, 2016

Journal 7 Hobart Shakespeareans- Tiff

I think The film Hobart Shakespearean's was an excellent documentary.There were so many great points the way Rafe one thing that stood out to me the most  was how the children didn't speak English until they got in to Rafe class he taught them how to speak English. The only race in the classroom was Latinos and Asian every child was treated the same way . This flim made me think about what children that dont speak any English and are in the untied states schools go though. i love how the children was so thrilled to read about hamlet and to kill a mockingbird back in the day people didn't want to go see a play they wanted to go hear it. Rafe does a great with teaching the students that reading is supposed to be thrilling. i felt sad that they only Christmas that the children ever got was with Rafe  and the gifts they got they were excited and thankful to get barns and noble gift cards because they knew that was the only gift they were gonna see. I think children now take kindness and thankfulness of people for granted sometimes.One quote Rafe said that just has stuck with me he said "When the teacher doesnt care the children wont either " you cant take shortcuts also i thought was sad that where the Hobart is located that the students are not phased by a lock down they are used to it."Be Nice Work Hard"

My own experience in elementary is fuzzy i dont remember a whole lot i do remember  one teaching method that stood out  was in fifth grade i was having a hard time doing math multiplication to be excate i asked my teacher if she could help me figure it out . once she got done helping one of the other students she came over to my desk she saw what i had done to try to figure out the multiplication  problem and said "you almost got it lets try the problem this way " she started drawing a box on my paper with numbers on the side of the box and inside the box she called this The Box method she looked and me and said whats 4 times 9  without a calculator i looked at the boxed and proceed to figuare it out she looked at me and said "you just solved your first multiplication problem without a calculator " with just using The Box Method. i thought that was so easy .

A personal goal that i have for next year is to stay focus and getting my My Food Business Management Degree so  i can one day open my own business/ restaurant one day what i will need to reach this goal is staying focus learning more information about being successful in a business.

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  1. I can completely understand the feeling about remembering elementary. It seems like such a long time ago.


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