Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sound of music from Austin

Music- Vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. This sounds like a very healthy term to me, Music is very important to people in our world, as it should be. This art can be a cure for a bad day, or the motivation to success. I listen to music everyday many times a day. I can't stress enough about how much music can take your mind off of situations and feelings you don't want to feel and just give you time to relax. Music is full of emotions and i believe its a very healthy art to involve in your life. I prefer rap/ hip-hop music, I've always listened to this genre my whole life. Probably being around sports and things of that nature gravitated me toward it. My favorite artist would hands down be Drake, i feel like drake is very versatile and can do almost any kind of song he wants. As a listener you want that, because it gives you more situations to relate too, and also it gives you a different feeling depending on the theme of his songs.
 My favorite Drake song right now would have to be "Thank me now" because i feel like this song relates to ambition and other aspects of life, as well as him talking to fans from afar. This song is from his Album Thank me later, Drake has a lot of great lines in this song but a few i always remember from this song have the most meaning. As people on this earth we have to have the want and the desire to be successful "I'm in a world where things are taken never given" this line to me makes me want to work harder for things in life that i want, because the only way you'll get where you want is by going and taking it. You have to be hungry like a tiger hunting its prey. Because society will never hold your hand.
Drake is known by people all over the world. You could probably make the argument that Drake is the lebron of music. I would say he is the most loved artist as of right now. He has won a single Grammy, six BET awards, he has set several significant billboard charts records. He also has the most number one singles on the billboard hot rap songs chart. This man has been very successful throughout his young career, Drizzy is still only 29, he has many years left to keep making some of the best music today.

This is the ever so successful Drake, he's my favorite artist, and probably many others favorite as well.


  1. I really like Drake's music as well. It is nice to see that you really added your opinion and background about yourself personally saying you have listened to this type of music your whole life. I also like that you gave facts about Drake showing his accomplishments which shows me more about your standards that you like great role models. That lyric you added was also touching as well with your great response after word. Great Job!

  2. i also like that you gave great facts about drake awesome job

  3. i also like that you gave great facts about drake awesome job


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