Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Snapshot 4- Nick Gurtler

 Music is not something that I would consider to be a major impact in my life. However when I do listen to music it has to speaks to me and send a message and meaning. I feel every song has meaning and there's a message inside. As well as being to find an escape through it and the possibilities to be very therapeutic.
    One of my favorite band is Linkin Park. My favorite song being Castle Of Glass. Just by the title of the song they are putting together something brittle and indestructible. Glass is easily broken while castles are notorious for quite the opposite. The song encompasses a very big picture. I feel the title refers to how fragile we are individuals and how easily we can be broken. When they say, “'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass”. I see the crack as something that is on the surface and doesn’t have much of an impact at the moment but eventually it may lead to a break in the castle of glass and lead to a change. Hopefully for the better.
    I find this to be my favorite and most powerful song that I listen to. It shows how fragile people are and how they are affected by everything and everyone around them and how eventually there comes a breaking point and people change, remolding them as a new person. Each crack is like a snag or tear in your clothes, over time and with each step forward that small snag or tear turns into something much bigger leading into change. In my life I have experienced many cracks which eventually lead to a change in person.

A fragile Castle Of Glass.


  1. Linkin Park is amazing! I like the description you gave about the song and the powerful meanings. This song and the lyric is overall a great example of fragile people. Great Job!

  2. I love peoples taste in this class! I am a really big rocker so I listen to a lot of this kind of music. I actually got to see Linkin Park at rock on the Range last year and the mosh pits and jumping and crowd surfing made it one of the best experiences of my life.


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