Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Hobart Shakespearians by austin

I really wish i had Rafe as my teacher when i was in elementary school. Rafe demands the best from all of his students. He will discipline them in the correct way if need be, he makes sure the students learn from their mistakes. He gets the best out of them too, by the way he treats them and talks to them. His students respect what he says and values his opinion. This film put things into perspective for me. Him and his students live in bad neighborhoods and are part of poor families. To me that's sad because students from poor families and lesser backgrounds usually don't get as equal of a chance than those who do. I feel great for him and his students both, his goal is to make his students as successful as possible and that requires his full effort.
When i was watching this film i kept thinking about my elementary experience. I wish mine was as helpful and taken as seriously rafe stated " There are no short cuts" this is a saying Rafe takes very seriously. He caught a few students giving each other answers on a worksheet, later Rafe pulled them all aside and talked to them about how that's breaking the rules and reminds them there is never any short cuts. I never had a method i remember from elementary school. My teachers never went above and beyond like Rafe. I'm sure having Rafe as a school teacher would've helped me a lot when i was younger. My main goal for next year would have to be, continue trying to improve in school and make strides toward my goals in life. I always need to keep in mind there are no short cuts, you truly cheat yourself by taking them.

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