Monday, March 21, 2016

Journal 8 from austin

Dreamers and eccentrics play a big part in our culture. I feel this way because in order for great things to get done in this world, we need many different thoughts, and minds. The more ideas our country has as a whole will lead to better things for all of us in my opinion. I believe our culture discourages dreamers and eccentrics because some people will look upon eccentrics as "weird" and treat or think upon them differently. Many people in our culture create an opinion really quickly, once that opinion is formed its hard to change their opinion. Eccentric thinkers are not on the same level as most other thinkers they're kind of "out there" as people and think differently, and have entirely different opinions and views on certain subjects.
Holding on is definitely a little bit of an adjustment from A long way gone. But i enjoy reading about others and all of their stories and accomplishments. A strength of this book is keeping readers hopefuly maybe they can be one of these great stories. My favorite story would have to be the one about the prisoner Moreese Bickham, I like this story because this man is relentless and fought for what he knew was right. He was suffering for years on death row in prison for a simple act of self defense "In pre-civil-rights Louisiana self defense was not an acceptable claim for a black man" Bickham got punished and put in prison for simply trying to protect himself from harm. As two cops come upon him, Moreese has a gun in his hands but not loaded, he tells the officers its not loaded, yet one shoots his chest, Moreese later shoots both officers and gets put in prison for murder. The prosecution case against Bickham only bolstered his claim of self defense. Self defense didn't seem like an option for African American males according to the novel


  1. I do believe that the most important people are those who have an open mind and use it in creative ways to change the world such as you do too. And I agree that creativity is looked at and almost mocked by everyone and it's sad because it is actually hindering our progression. I like how you chose Bickham, because it shows how minorities are subject to racism and the preoccupations of that.

  2. We definitely need people in this world to think differently and to create new and wonderful things. If we didn't have these people we'd just travel in a never ending no progress.

  3. I agree we need different thoughts and ideas. I think the more thoughts and ideas that are available, encourages other to express their own, which leads to a better place.

  4. What a boring place we would live in if we all were the same. I agree we need differences in thinking and ideas. It shouldn't be weird to be ecsentric, I think it is a blessing of shorts to have a talent that no one else has.


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