Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Journal Two - Miranda Beveridge

Hello I am Miranda. I have lived in Marion, Ohio my entire life. I went to Harding High school and was apart of the Marching Band for four years along with concert, symphonic, and pep band for seven years. We took many grand champion titles throughout my four years along with receiving "1 Superior" at state every year which is the highest ranking and is the equal to Grand Champion. The band also traveled to Tampa and Orlando Florida to compete in a battle of the bands over which band was best and whichever band had the highest score would be the band to be able to perform the pre game show at the Outback Bowl. Harding had the highest over all score from the judges and got the honor of being able to perform our own show for the pregame show and it was broadcast on national television for all of America to be able to watch our award winning show!  I was also in the school musicals as apart of the chorus for "
Beauty and the Beast", "Shrek the musical" and "Les Miserables the Musical edition" for three years.

My fun fact: Is that I hate doorknobs, hand rails, escalator rails and other things that people and students commonly touch on a daily basis. I hate germs, I hate being sick and that is the quickest way to get sick. I hate it.

My reaction to "A long way gone" I am just amazed by how vivid he remembers everything that was happening around him and what he was wearing when they were on their way to Mattru Jong, and he is able to describe his attire exactly.


  1. I love your fun fact! I am glad to be in a class with you again! (:

  2. i also think that he makes the scenes very vivid and it makes the story have more depth.


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