Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Journal 3: Carmen

Part one:
I find that I like the house on mango street just because of the poetic aspect to it. It is probably harder for other people to follow it if they had not already learned a great deal about it. I find that though I like the house on mango street more for its poetic tones I also greatly appreciate the straight forwardness that tells the story thoroughly and in great detail. My reading is actually going great. Since I am a person that can sit down and read for an entire day. these are also very easy reads so i find that my reading habits are very good.

Part 2:
For chapter 8 I chose the title for the chapter to be "The snake, old man and new friends" I chose this because I believe that it embodies the main parts of this chapter in a short and sweet way. In this chapter the boy is stuck in a thicket of Forrest that he cant seem to escape from in this forest he encounters an abundance of wildlife. After this he runs into a group of new companions and they head off for a village that they believe is safe from the war. When they get to a village that seems to be abandoned they find an old man. the old man seems like he will die soon but isn't worried for himself. He is only worried for the boys and showed them a way to get to the village that they believe is safe from war. I believe the theme of this chapter is the fact that there is no trust anywhere.
People cant even trust a group of young boys and its extremely sad. The group of boys were almost killed just because they were thought to be rebels. The vocabulary term that I chose was soukous which is a common dance that was very popular in the 80's. this is important because it is one of the things that saved the boys lives in the end of chapter 9.

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  1. I think it's interesting how they arrive to the village only to find it empty because the villagers heard that they were coming and assumed they were rebels.


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