Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Journal Two-Christine Mailey

Journal Two: Christine Mailey

Hello, my name is Christine Mailey.  I love spending time with my husband Jeff and daughter Moriah.  I also enjoy being outdoors.  We live in the country on eleven acres and have six cats, three dogs, a horse, bunny, and chickens.  In the past we have also had goats, pigs, and a cow.  We also plant a large garden and I enjoy mowing our very big yard.

A Long Way Gone

The theme that stood out to me the most in the first chapter, is when the rebels were going town to town massacring town's people.  The author went into great detail describing the people that were fleeing from their war-torn town.  Some people did not even know they were shot.  A baby on her mother's back was killed and there was blood dripping from the mother's back, the baby was killed by the rebels bullets.  There was another description of a man that drove up in a Volkswagen, his family had also been shot and killed by the rebels.  He was wounded, but was not aware of it.  I think it is important for the author to tell his story, about what they went through.  I think it is also important to share these experiences, through writing and reading.  You will always take something away from the reading.  What I took away from the very first chapter, is how very blessed I feel living in a free country and do not have to worry about this kind of tragedy.


  1. I think you make a good point he does go into great detail to describe what he has been through. It may set the tone for the reader to not quickly jump to conclusions later in the story. We tend to at times jump to conclusions and say well I could never do that. I think he is starting it in this manner so that you can see hey I don't know how I would cope with something like that.

  2. I love your hair, it is always perfect and that is crazy you have 11 acres. I can't wait to have my own (:

  3. That's a lot of cats! I thought that having four was a handful! I could not imagine having six!


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