Wednesday, January 13, 2016

journal two from Austin

Hi, my name is Austin Costlow, I am a freshman and this is my first semester on campus, so i'm still learning everything and trying to figure it all out. High school wasn't the best of years for me. But i'm trying to turn the tide in college. I hope to obviously graduate college and be a middle school teacher when i'm older, Along with that i hope to coach high school football as well. My fun fact would have to be my love for sports. It's my main passion, i have a lot of love and respect for sports.

The theme that stood out to me most was war and how it impacted the young children, junior, talloi, and the narrator. A war can change people lives, mainly negatively. I feel this theme is important simply because lives are lost and hearts are broken, towns torn apart, and buildings torn down. Those are all catastrophic events that would change someones life, and i feel for those people.


  1. High school wasn't the best years of my life either so I am glad to be in college now. I may not be that big on sports but I do have respect for them. Out of the sports I would say I am more of a football fan, of Alabama!

  2. I agree! It drastically impacted their life and it happened so quickly. It's almost unreal to think things like this actually happen.


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