Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Journal Two from Miguel Guerrero

     My name is Miguel Guerrero. This is my first year at OSUM. I was born in Miami and moved around a lot through out my childhood until I arrived in Marion. I joined the Military out of High school and had fun with all that comes with that. I am currently back in Marion to go to school and pursue a different career. I am married with two kids, two dogs, a cat and an iguana that refuses to pass away from the cold. My hobby is repairing or messing around with electronic software and hardware.

I believe the main theme of the first chapter is how war slowly creeped its way into their lives and started to affect how they viewed their lives. I think it is important because it begins showing how care free they were about the war. They believed it was a million miles away until they traveled 16 miles away only to find out their home had been ravaged by the far away war. As they traveled home to attempt to see if there was anything left they slowly learn of the horrors as people run away from what they run towards. Eventually after seeing the mother carrying her dead child they lose hope and they turn back. I believe the theme to me shows the start of this child losing his ability to grasp what humans can do to each other. It will be a start I believe to what leads him into being coerced into becoming a child soldier.


  1. It is crazy that the first chapter wasn't the longest chapter I ever read before, but it changed so dramatically so fast that I didn't even prepare myself for this. This title really fit this book. Really excited to make titles for these chapters in class! By the way your kids are beautiful! (:

  2. i agree the first chapter was the most important chapter it starts out as being a normal day then the next thing you know their in a war and the rebels are coming and killing everyone in their path women, children, baby's, family's when you read the first couple section in the first chapter you really feel interested on what happens next

  3. I do believe it takes place over multiple days. However your point is still valid.


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