Thursday, January 14, 2016

Journal #2 from John Bayer

Hello, my name is John Hunter Bayer. I am freshman and currently exploring majors here at OSUM. I live near a small town about an hour away called West Mansfield. a little fun fact about me is that I remember every little reference I have heard some multiple types of media and use them on a everyday basis for no reason. The reason this is my fun fact is because is once you know me for a while, you will begin to hear and say the references that come out of my mouth.

In the first chapter of A Long Way Gone, I think the theme that caught my interest was the quick impact of war. The chapter escalates quickly by having the main character and his brothers and friends having a normal day to instantly watching mothers and fathers carry there own children that were killed. I think what made catch interest in this was how it wasn't just this event happening, this event happens almost every day for them. they see soldiers being shipped out to fight the rebels, as well as the refugees coming into town. I think this is important because these events are only the beginning of what is to come in the story


  1. I agree! It escalated so quickly and impacted their life so drastically.

  2. i like the idea that you remember reference what type of reference can you remember like books or movies or both.

  3. I think the quick impact of the war is a very important theme. It shows how one second things could seem just fine and the next everything just changes.


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