Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Journal 3 from Miguel

Miguel Guerrero
English 1109

   My reading so far is going well. I feel my weakness in reading is reading for too long rather than a chapter at a time I tend to read all four chapters at once. This makes remembering all the details from each chapter a little harder. I have been highlighting important sections in each chapter which I think Is helping me remember some of what I read. I think both books are equally great. I don't really see as one going better than the other. I think both stories are great stories and I can't wait until we get to the end of both. I honestly read straight through the assigned reading the day before class. I am very forgetful and tend to forget things quite easily so I wait to read and I skim through the reading the morning of class to refresh my memory on the reading .

    Judgement is what I would call this chapter. It shows how Ishmael and his friends are captured by the villagers there. The villagers all believe that they are mercenaries which is obviously not the case. As it happens the villagers are ready to execute the boys thinking that they are spies.
They are obviously not. But it is interesting to see how they give up and wait for the villagers to pass judgement on if they believe the boys. Taffeta is important in this chapter. Obviously this village hs some wealth in order for the villagers to have clothing made of a silk like fabric.  The theme in this chapter is judgement. "You children have become little devils"... "I do not want to hear any word from a devil." This passage shows that from the beginning they are unwilling to speak to the boys because they have already judged them as devils.


  1. well spoken its not good to judge people

  2. The chapter you are referring to is chapter 9 correct? I like the title if so because it really is depicted in this chapter by the chief and how he called them boys after he had found the cassette. However in the other village they did not care and punished them for taking their shoes.

  3. In foresight I think about the passage where he says all that is left is fear. That fear was the reason the villages turned them away each time or attempted to hurt them. I think now as I think back this chapter also shows that not everyone will allow their fears to get the best of them. While the chief did almost execute them he stopped for a second and thought about what he was doing and upon seeing the cassette instead of just going along with the villagers and assuming they are pillagers he listens to their explanation and comes to the conclusion that they are not the mercenaries the rumors talked about.

  4. You have a good title and a lot of details and I liked the passage you picked.

  5. You have a good title and a lot of details and I liked the passage you picked.


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