Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Journal 3 from Austin

I am enjoying both books so far, A long way gone has really got my attention because young children have to go through such cruel and unforeseen stress, and fear. I love all the imagery Ishmael beah gives us, it truly feels like an insiders prospective. Which i feel is a strength of this book, partially because you truly feel like you're apart of the war as well. As i read this book the imagery, and attention to detail blows me away, Ishmael gives you a full clear image and i think that's part of what makes this book great. A long way gone interests me more because i have a warm heart and feel for what everyone is going through, i always want to know, what's going to happen next? Having a reader want more is a good thing in my opinion, Ishmael beah has certainly done that to me. I am doing my active reading so far, i try to highlight something every page if i can. I want the information to be necessary and useful. I want to use the "nutshell" method as much as i possibly can, it should help me retain the information further down the road when i need it most. Also i think the "nutshell" method is useful for helping a reader fully comprehend the chapter and to help readers remember the key events that occurred in the chapter.

Part two:

"when it rains it pours"

This chapter(6) is a perfect description of how things have been going for the 6 young boys. One morning a group of people were walking through the village they were in, luckily a woman walking through knew Gibrilla. The woman told the 6 boys how to get to gibrilla's aunts village from where they are now,the young men then traveled to the village. In return for the field work they were asked to do, they were blessed with food and shelter. This is a huge upgrade from where they were. Everything went as planned for 3 straight months, no attacks or any violent type of activity from the rebels. After 3 months of working and good living (to them) the rebels decide it's time to destroy. During the attack the 6 boys got separated from her friends and most importantly, her brother junior. I think an important word in this chapter was Unbearable which means not able to endure or tolerate.I picked this word because I'm not sure how many times the 6 boys can endure or tolerate all of the tragic events that's happening to them. The main challenge to me would have to be how junior and Ishmael handles this. " It was during that attack in the village of kamator that my friends and i separated. It was the last time i saw Junior, my older brother" This could very well ended the relationship all 6 of them had. Everything they've all been through together and now they get separated, Ishmael and junior are brothers and now they have no idea what either is doing, They don't even know if one another is alive. That is a challenge i am not sure i could accept.


  1. i like your title for chapter six when it rains it pours i also like the fact that you explain where they came from and where they were in the chapter in great detail great job !

  2. Ishmael does give such great details and really makes you feel like you're a part of the war. I agree as well that unbearable is an important word. It would be unbearable to have to go through all that stress and fear the group has undergone thus far.

  3. I agree with you. Ishmael really does such a good job of describing his experiences in extensive details which makes you actually visualize what is happening. I also try to underline/highlight important events in the chapters and I try to use the nut-shelling at the end of every chapter since we started the nut-shelling. I like your title for the chapter and I truly think your word choice (Unbearable) stands out We all experience things that are unbearable and we have to question how much more we can take.


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