Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello, my name is Naomi Lee Hillman I'm from Cincinnati Ohio.I love mostly write and listen to music half the time. When I write I tend to loose my train of thought for I write to fast that my grammar is poor, along with my spelling. One fun fact about me is that i love to watch anime(Japanese Cartoons). OTAKU!!!!!
            There are so many themes to this Autobiography, but the main theme I want to point out is "Survival." The first theme to this book would have to be survival because, it talks about a boy name Ishmael Beah who was distress due to the wars he had to participate in Sierra Leone. This theme is important to me because he was only a boy when he found out that he had to par take in the war and that to me is very important. To me this theme means that Ishmael had choice to either live or die throughout this whole experience. Will fight and die trying or will he chose to not fight and die because of the riots and shooting that been going on?


  1. Yes, it is about survival. It was very disturbing to me that he was so young and had to participate or die. A boy of this age should not have to worry about such adult matters, such as war.

  2. I love your name and your fun fact is awesome! (:


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