Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Journal 3 by Naomi Hillman

So far my reading is turning out pretty well. Its hard for me to read "A Long Way Gone," because its so depressing that it makes me cry. To think that a little boy going to war sort of breaks my heart. This boy trying to survive throughout the war. As far "The House on Mango street" I loved this book because it funny, it has more humor. She goes back and forth between her name and other peoples name of how there name or nickname came to be. My active reading, I'm mostly reading the house on mango street. Usually I can finish a book in a week or so but its hard to read A Long Way Gone, so instead I'm listening to it. I have a audio book on my home and helps me get through "A Long Way Gone."

Part two: The title for this chapter is religion. In Chapter 7 it talks about religion. Another attack was going to happen in another town. One night the people heard rumors that a bunch of rebels were coming, they were just about 50 miles away from the village of Kamator where a bunch of people were praying. The person leading the prayer was am "imam," which meant that he was in charge of the whole prayer. Wasn't long before the rebels came to the village of Kamator, everyone suddenly got up to hide but the imam stayed back to finish his prayer.

Imam:the person who leads prayers in a mosque


  1. I thought it goes to show how little these "rebels" cared about life. In their religion I do not think it is ok for them to kill a religious leader. At this point the Rebels have obviously lost any sort of morality they once would have had.

  2. It was devastating to imagine witnessing what had happened to the imam and I agree completely with that being the most memorable part of the chapter.

  3. I like that you added the point of what had happened to the imam. Even though it was disturbing it was a memorable part that I don't even like to think about in my head.


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