Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Journal Two from Alyssa

I suppose the right way to introduce yourself is to start with a name. My name is Alyssa. I have two children that walk on four legs. My first is a ten year old white cat. He is my baby. The second is a ten month old golden retriever. I love animals so much. Especially cats.  I also am massively in love with music, mostly rock or metal core. I also really love reading, and am in the middle of reading the Blue Fairy Book. My fun fact is that it would be frowned upon to have a thousand cats, so my goal is to have nine hundred and ninety-nine cats.

In A Long Way gone, there was one spot that really got to me. When the boy saw a woman carrying a child on her back with blood trailing behind them. He said that the child had a bullet partially sticking out of his head. That really got to me because it's like right there the author really had to grow up. Before that moment he said that he didn't quite understand what war was really about. Now reality really struck and he saw people dead. Many times people are always wishing to grow up, and then when they got old they realize they wish they wouldn't have grown up so fast. This boy thinks that his family are dead. He's on his own. That's really forcing him to grow up.


  1. I think that was a very important part of the chapter because it is also the point at which the boys choose to turn back. Where they realize that the woman had told them was a warning to stay away "Too much blood has been spilled where you are going. Even the good spirits have fled form there."

  2. I agree 100% that this section was very important in this chapter. I had so many thoughts running in my mind when I read this over. I had to read that paragraph again because I couldn't believe what I read at first and to just read it again I was in complete shock! Great to know more about you every year that we have been in school (:

  3. I love my music as well and I am also a cat person too. I like your point on how people wish they could grow up faster now but later on wish they were younger again. I wished my high school years would be done cause i felt trapped but now I look back on the good times and wonder why I didn't notice them then.


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