Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Journal 3 By Tiff

My reading overall is going so far well.My strengths are reading to myself and not in front of people but i am doing my best to get better at that. My weaknesses is that sometimes i cant stay focus on a book for a long period of time i would say more then 2 hours The book that is going good i would have to say is The Book the house on Mango street book because it has a great title and the author really explains how things our in the book in great detail.My habits are i read for at least a couple hours a night its hard but i try to stick with it .The House On mango street makes me want to sit and read the whole book over and over again because its so good. The Book A Long Way Gone is good too it just makes me sad every time i read it so that makes it hard to read it. but it also makes you want to seat on the edge of your seat kinda book . 

i chose chapter 8 in A long Way Gone the title i named this chapter is Survive The Forest Alone!
a nutshell that i have written about this chapter is that beau walks for two days straight doesn't stop unless to eat and to drink water from the creak hes trying to get away from his village and this is where he starts at in the forest but he feels hes being followed by someone so he keeps walking.After getting lost he finally decides to sit and rest.

The vocabulary word i chose was Verandah-  is a roofed, open-air gallery or porch. A veranda is often partly enclosed by a railing and frequently extends across the front and sides of the structure.Loneliness is a theme in this chapter, even though it's his isolation that keeps him safe. The loneliness becomes too much and leads Ishmael to take up with another group of boys even though he knows well the dangers. Through rumor alone, Ishmael and his group terrorize others. People flee or attack when they approach. They are treated as monsters, and Ishmael fears that that is exactly what they are becoming. i think this theme could have some possible relationship conflict between people one possibility is that loneliness causes depression and depression cause you to maybe lash out at some people because your alone and your feeling angry because your alone.
A direct quote  i found is that  loneliness of being in the forest affects Beah the most. Alone with only his constant thoughts, he cannot stop his mind from pondering the fates of his friends and family. He develops a fear of sleeping, anxious that his suppressed negative thoughts would come through in his dreams. As the days pass, Beah keeps searching for a way out of the forest; his efforts are in vain, however, for the forest seems to become thicker and more threatening no matter how far or in which direction he walks.


  1. I really like your theme and agree that his isolation drove him to find other people. I'm sure it's terrible to be all alone lost in the forest, especially just after being separated from your friends and brother.

  2. I like the name you gave this chapter. It quickly explains what this chapter is about in less than ten words.


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