Monday, January 25, 2016

Christine Mailey
 Journal 3-Part One:

My overall reading is going very well.  I think both books have strengths.  I like "House on Mango
Street", it has corky stories about her life.  She has very descriptive and unique way of writing.  It is a
fun read.
 I also like " A Long Way Gone", I found myself wanting to read on.  I am wondering how
much more Ishmael can endure.  He is also a very descriptive writer.  His writing unfortunately, has
a tragic description.  As such a young boy, he has been through so much and we are only half way
through the book.  The mother comes out in me, when I am reading this book.  So many things
as a mother touches me.  How this young boy has to survive without his family.  The mother that had
the baby die on her back.
My active reading habits are going well.  I have not done this in the past, I feel
it is helping me.  Before, when reading I found myself getting lost at times.

Part Two:

"No Sight of Humans for Five Days"

This chapter focused first on their beliefs.  The imam (a preacher) was burned alive in the mosque by the rebels.  Ishmael's father had a ceremony to bless their new house (a reflection).  Ishmael decided he was tired of living in fear, and decided to leave.  He started his journey by himself.  He was separated from his brother and his friends during the rebel's attack on the village.  He was deep in the forest, to keep from encountering the rebels.  He did not see humans for five days.  On the sixth day of his journey he came upon a family swimming in the river.  They were not friendly at all.  People did not trust strangers anymore. "It was clear from the tone of his voice that he didn't want me around and didn't trust me".   The father of the family finally did tell him the direction he should walk in order to get to his destination by the sea.


  1. I do like the corky stories that Cisneros tell in "The House on Mango Street". I also want to read on in "A Long Way Gone". He has been through a lot and everyone has their own breaking point. I have never read actively before either until this class started that is.
    I like your title for that chapter. I do agree with you saying people do not trust strangers anymore. It is sad but unfortunately that is the way most people. It seems like no one trusts anyone anymore or even wants to trust anyone.

  2. I totally agree that both books do have their strengths but in different unique ways. I also like that you are able to pick the title the way you did. Now when I can go pack to that chapter I have a better idea of what is being said and done throughout the reading.

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  4. I agree with you, A long way gone has me wanting to read more. It's a very good book with a lot of great detail,that always has you wanting more.

  5. i think the part where you said you want to read on in the book a long way gone is the same idea i have also what you said about them not seeing humans for five days that had to be so rough


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