Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Journal 3 by Patrick Johnson

My reading this far is going ok. Its hard for me to read a long way gone because it is not my style of book that I like to read and it is very sad and its hard to read because of all the death of people. some of the strength of the book is that it shows courage and will to survive thru a civil war. a long way gone is to hard for me to follow it but the house on mango street is a lot easier to understand and to follow. the house on mango street is easier because I don't have to think so hard sometimes about whats going on and whats happen. my active reading could be better then what it is right now its just to hard for me to read three different things at once and I need to make more time for reading and I need to stop getting distracted so easy. My title for chapter seven would be the rebels invade. the rebels capture imam and tie his body to a post and set him on fire also that the rebels attacked during there evening prayer and the rest of the villagers are killed our get away and Ishmael escapes but he is separated from his brother and his friends. My vocabulary word is imam which is a highly religious and revered spiritual leader.  my theme is that Ishmael loses contract with his brother. it conflicts with people because he got separated from his friends and his brother. I had no time to go look for him since the attack was sudden but instead had to run into the bush alone.


  1. I also have a lot of trouble not getting distracted. I always read for a little while then something will come to my attention and I'll have already wasted an hour.
    I like the title you chose for the chapter. I also think that Ishmael loosing contact with his brother is very important. He says that that is the last time he sees him, which is very sad.

  2. The title was great this chapter. It really makes me think of how well this chapter name can help me find remember what has happened in this chapter! Great Job


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