Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Journal 3 - Miranda Beveridge

So far my reading is going pretty well and I am enjoying both of the books. Some of the strengths and weaknesses are how easy it is to read and understand everything happening within the stories like in  " A house on Mango Street" I like that every chapter is a story that intertwine together and they are  easy link's (insight). "The house on mango street " is going better for me because I like the way it is written a lot better than in "Along Way Gone" I rather read about what Esperanza and her family are doing rather than the war that is going on within "A long way gone" I do not find war stories interesting, they are upsetting and I do not find them enjoyable. My active reading habits are very good, I know that I highlight key concepts and things that I find are most important in the story so that it is easy to go back and disregard non important items that are of little value to the story, and be easily see all of the important information about the chapter.

Part Two: Chapter 9 Nutshell
They are near the Atlantic ocean walking along the beach, and stumbled upon an empty village, and began to explore it until fishermen ambushed them and then tied them up and took them to their chief. The villagers then began to question them as the boys were mistaken for the rebels. The boys then began to leave the village and continue on their journey. Their feet were raw from walking in the sand for so long, but began to subside during the fourth night. Eventually they ran into another village and stayed in one of their huts for a week.

Important vocabulary word is Mercenaries: (of a person or their behavior) primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics. I think this is important because it made the village chief believe that they were mercenaries or had belonged to the rebellion. 


  1. I think your nutshell highlights the main points of the chapter very well.

  2. The vocab was really good in this chapter. I didn't know what that word meant until now and now it makes a lot of sense of the point you gave. I am glad your reading skills are active and I hope you start to see the true meaning and the enjoyment of "A Long Way Gone". It really is a phenomenal book!


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