Monday, February 29, 2016

Matthew Rimmer Snapshot 4: Music or Poetry (Music for me)

The type of music that means the most to me would honestly be Christian Rock music. More specifically the Christian Rock band Skillet. The reason this type of music and this band means the most to me is because I feel as if I can truly relate their songs to my life. Whenever I needed to “escape” from everyone/everything I would plug in my earbuds to listen to Skillet with the volume turned up all the way and block out the world around me.
To be completely honest I like every song that Skillet has produced. As a result it is really hard for me to pick just one song of theirs to discuss. However, since I can only discuss one I want to try and pick one that I think will land a good impression. The one song that I have chosen to discuss will be, One Day Too Late (which I have provided a lyric video to you , doesn't belong to me though, if you want to give it a listening shot This song is one of my top favorites and I chose it because I strongly believe in the meaning to this song (which just the title alone should give it away). To be straight forward I think all of the lines are important.  But if I had to pick and choose the lines that means the most they would be the following.
Tick tock hear the clock countdown,Wish the minute hand could be rewound
Feel the moment slip into the past, Like sand through an hourglass
Make a change, make the world a better place, Cause tomorrow could be one day too late
Tick tock hear my life pass by, I can't erase and I can't rewind
Your time is running out, You're never gonna get it back, Make the most of every moment, Stop saving the best for last
The reason I find these lines to mean the most are because they really sum up the meaning to the song. The main reason why this song is one of my favorites and why I chose to discuss it is because it speaks the truth. Tomorrow really could be one day too late and we never seem to give that fact a second thought. We as people ignorantly say “oh there’s always tomorrow” but tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to us and we don’t really seem to realize/understand that. Anything can happen at any moment to snatch tomorrow away from us.
So I made it my ritual to listen to this song every morning.
This is the Christian Rock Band Skillet. They are 99% of what I listen to in all honesty. I recommend giving them a try.

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  1. Your journal really made my feelings come to life. In fact I had to listen to that song 3 times because there is so much meaning to it and the song is really powerful. This really makes me change my thoughts and phrases of what I would use to say and that was " There is always tomorrow" because you are right. You never know if there will be a tomorrow! Great Job Matthew! (:


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