Sunday, February 7, 2016

Journal 4- Geography, physical features, and climate Sierra Leone from Nick

Sierra Leone, located in West Africa on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Sierra Leone is half the size of Illinois. Along the coast it is very swampy and covered with plateaus with woods surrounding it. To the east are mountains. Its neighbors are Guinea and Liberia. It's capital is Freetown and is the most populated city. There are eight main tribes/ethnic groups, Susu,Temne, Mende, Koranko, Kono, Limba, Sherbro, Creole, and other tribes. The weather is hot and humid most the time and rainy in the summer and dry in the winter. The average temperature is around  81°F making it almost always warm.
This is a Picture of Sierra Leone showing where its located. 
These are the major tribal boundaries. 

This is the site that I got most my information off of.


  1. I really think knowing this kind of information would be helpful to learn about any place. Knowing the way the land is along with how the climate acts can help an individual get a feel for and prepare for the environment.

  2. I'm glad you chose this topic because it allows us to give a visual on where this book is taking place.


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