Saturday, February 13, 2016

Journal 5 from Matthew Glenn

In chapter 16 of A Long Way Gone, Ishmael tells of the struggle adjusting to society and civilians. Beah also goes more in depth about his position as a solider in the war and the position his friends had held. After that, Ishmael shares about his friends selling school supplies, from the Benin Home, for money so they could explore the city of Freetown. This was the boys first time in a city such as Freetown. They were amazed at all the different shops, food, and tall buildings. Ishmael was amazed at the scurrying metropolitans and how life in the city was so different. Eventually, plans were made for all of the boys of the rehabilitation home to visit Freetown on weekends. Finally, Ishmael describes some of the close calls with his unit during his time in the war. He also tells of the gruesome things that his group had done.

When Ishmael and his friends visited Freetown for the first time, it was such a different place than they were used to. The boys were in awe. Ishmael and his friends had never seen such tall buildings, all of the different shops of the city, vendors, and busy people in such a hurry. People in the city were living without acknowledging the war going on in the villages of their country. Beah says, "People were hurriedly going about their daily life lives as if nothing was happening in the country." (pg 146).

I believe that people are guilty of ignoring, at one time or another, the issues in their own country. This is important because there are things that people could do to help solve the issues, but don't. Although there is not a war going on in our country, there are plenty of issues that are present in our country, even worldwide, that we don't acknowledge. I think we as people, like to block out reality and only face the issues we must, for fear of running across real world problems. 


Mogbwemo, Ishmael's hometown



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