Monday, February 29, 2016

Alex Abrams- Snapshot 4 on Music or Poetry

Growing up I always turned to music. Music helped me understand life perspectives. I have always looked at music as poetry whether it rhymed or not. Every song has a meaning whether people don't like it or not. It was really hard to pick what type of music I like. I am the type of person to listen to everything. I have a very wide range of music I listen to. If the music and words make me feel the rhythm in my heart, then I will listen to it forever. I listen to different artists from Pink Floyd to The Ronettes and Elvis Presley to Three Days Grace. I am not picky what so ever. I love all music. It has made such an impact on my life.

One particular person that I remember listening to growing up was Conway Twitty. Conway has one of the best tones I have ever heard. His voice flutters like a butterflies wings. The way he changes his volume in different parts of his music really makes a person sit back in their seat. He is one of my all time favorite singer with the wonderful memories beginning with my papa and I.

From the time I was in diapers, my papa (grandpa) would sing to me. He still sings to me and I just enjoy every moment of it. I remember one song that usually got stuck in my head more than others which was "Before The Next Teardrops Falls". My papa is and will always be my shoulder to cry on. He can be stubborn and make funny faces with his dentures taken out, but he has made such a huge impact in my life. The lyrics in this song mean, no matter what heart break comes and goes, that special person will always be there to pick you back up. That special person will always be there during these heartbreaking moments. When I would cry, my papa would always make things better by singing to me. He would always tell me, "Whoever broke your heart is stupid." After laughter's he would always just let me cry and let me know that he will always be there before the next teardrop falls. Like we always say, "There is no cure for stupid." Here are some lyrics that still make me teary eye till this day.

Meaningful lyrics to the song, Before The Next Teardrop Falls 

"It's your happiness that matters most of all"

"I'll be there before the next teardrop falls."

"And if he ever leaves you blue, just remember that I love you."

These lyrics basically tell the song. It is such a beautiful song. You can be a special person to anyone. You could be a friend, a sister/brother, aunt/uncle, boyfriend/girlfriend, or in my case, you could be a papa. This song has so much meaning although it has very few lyrics. I hope you enjoy the song and actually listen to the lyrics. Below is the link of the song. Enjoy (:

My papa sounds just like him. It is crazy! 


  1. Every song does have its own meaning and some songs can be applied to life. I honestly listened to and actually liked this song. Sure it's not something I'd regularly listen to but it's still a good song. I definitely agree with the fact you will always have that special someone in your life to count on. I like how you said there is no cure for stupid. I say its true, stupidity is a disease with no cure.

  2. I like the deep meaning behind why the song means so much to you. Its amazing to see people connect like this through music.

  3. You give an amazing description of how music can effect someones life and perspective of things. Music can really connect many people together and show it deep meaning with it.

  4. I seen him in concert in 1986!!! I went to see the Judds and Reba! Wasn't really too excited to see him, but Wow! he put on an excellent show!!!


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