Monday, February 8, 2016

Journal 4- RUF by patrick johnson

The RUF stands for Revolutionary united front. the revolutionary united front was powered by blood diamonds. They fought a eleven year war against Sierra Leone and lost. there where three surviving senior members and they where changed for crimes against humanity. when the RUF was first formed the RUF put forward the slogan "no more slaves no more masters. Power and wealth to the people". They believed there where 10000 child soldiers that have fought in the conflict. They had most of the kids attack villages and guard the diamond fields also guarding the weapon stockpiles. In response to the immediate execution of the rebels by the government forces the RUF instead instituted a policy of cutting off the hands of captured soldiers with  the intent of sending the message, "you don't hold your weapon against your brother." On July 7 1999 the RUF and the government of Sierra Leone singed the lome peace agreement to end the civil war. which the lome peace agreement said that the RUF had to disarm.


  1. Really enjoyed reading this passage. Good details.

  2. Eleven years of war is bound to take its toll on both sides. I can only imagine what those tolls could be. The fact that they would cut off the hands of captured soldiers is definitely thought provoking. I find this topic interesting.


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