Monday, February 8, 2016

Elephant Terror NH

Naomi Hillman 
English 1109
February 8,2016
Mike Lohre

Elephant Terror

What is “ivory” anyway? To define ivory as a hard cream-white substance composing the main part of an elephant. So to summon it all up ivory comes from elephants. Back in the 1800 hundreds hunters would go to Africa to hunt and kill elephants for their ivory. During that time about 26 million elephants roomed Africa. Around the 1900s shooting an elephant on safari, “Was the high of manliness.” Of course this was only to westerns. The westerns had a thing for killing mammals. Ivory was used for a lot of things like jewelry, piano keys, and even weapons such as knifes, sharp objects. This trade was illegal due to the killing of mammals or in this case elephants. The trade began to spread throughout the country. It spread like a virus as more countries were demanding more ivory. In 1913 the United States consumed over 20 tons of ivory per year. As the ivory trade continued to increase the population of elephants went from 26 million to 10 million. By 1979 only 1.3 million elephants were left. The product of ivory began to increase as more counties demanded the ivory trade. After that time they banded the ivory trade. When it was band illegal trades began to increase as markets demand, played in the decline of elephant population. This left to a serious issue, surrounding the decline of elephant population will help critically examine needs for conservation of natural resources. There were no hope for the elephant, the national geographic described it. A man name Richard Leaky who is a former Kenya wildfire Ser Vice Director convinced the President of Kenya to burn the stock pile of ivory. The images spread world wide and by then the trade was finally band.


  1. This is very sad to read about! It is good to read that there was a ban enforced.

  2. I felt like crying reading about this. I am so glad that this is banned. I love elephants!

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  4. It is a shame that such a beautiful material has to come at such a price. I remember hearing stories of how envied you would be in the 1900 if you had a ivory handled knife as one of my grand parents told me.

  5. It's so sad that people could so such horrible things to such a beautiful and majestic creature.

  6. It's so sad that people could so such horrible things to such a beautiful and majestic creature.


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