Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Thoughts

Naomi Hillman
English 1109
Mike Lohre

                                       My Thoughts 

Uncle Tommy has to be the character that meant the most to me. I say Uncle Tommy because he offered Beah his home, meaning that he took him in. Uncle Tommy is Beah fathers brother. He is a carpenter in Freetown who struggled to raise his children and the children of relatives who can’t care for them. He’s kind and gregarious man who loves to help others. Judging from Uncle Tommy character he is a sweet man who loves his family.
I feel that Beah handled it very well (I mean he didn’t kill his Uncle and Family). He moved in with his Uncle and kept to himself most of the time. Would I want Beah in my neighborhood? Yes then No. I say yes because I’d love to know more about his childhood, if he’s willing to tell me. If I were his friend I’d want to be there for him. I also say no for the simple fact that he’s a soldier so that could cause trouble for the neighborhood. Some neighbors like a peaceful and quiet neighborhood.
A lesson I can take away is the use of drugs these kids used. After the war in chapter 16 Beah said,” During that same week, the drugs were wearing off. I craved cocaine and marijuana so badly that I would roll a plain sheet of paper and smoke it.” His friends were demanding their drugs back because the drugs they during the war were wearing off. There lieutenant gave them a drug to make them stronger and more faster. This proves to never give children drugs because at a young age they could become addicted.
My curiosity is Beah where about. After reading A Long Way Gone I wonder about what he is doing today. Is he in any movies or TV shows? What is Ishmael Beah doing today? Back in 2014 USA Today said that he’s written his first novel called, Radiance of Tomorrow, which is about the aftermath of war in an African Village. As far as his living statues Beah now lives at a Turkish restaurant in downtown Manhattan. 

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  1. I do agree that Uncle Tommy was a very vital step in Ishmael's recovery process. He is most certainty a generous man for taking a child who had been burdened from the horrors of war and even with the possibility of Ishmael being unstable he took him in. I feel that with all the harsh madness in the book and everyone else being cruel and unkind to him to say the least. I think that it makes Tommy look even better and lets us appreciate his kind nature. What do you think?

  2. It was so hard to tell between Esther, Laura, and Uncle Tommy of who was really important to me. I like that you gave background about uncle Tommy and how he was sweet in taking Ishmael into his home.

  3. Uncle Tommy had been one of the biggest Characters in this book. By taking Ishmael in he had completed that last bit of his Rehabilitation that really helped him become the man he is today.


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