Sunday, February 7, 2016

Leymah Gbowee: Journal Four by Carmen Curtis

Born on February 1, 1972 Leymah Gbowee grew to become one of the world's most celebrated women's activists of the century. She had grown up in Monrovia, Liberia n located in west africa. During her childhood she had attended Private school. After high school she had planned to go to college for medicine but before she had the chance her home town had been attacked by rebels. Her and her family had escaped to a refugee camp but during a break in the war had come back and Gbowee ended up meeting her husband named daniel and they had four children together. Later on Gbowee left daniel because he became both emotionally and physically abusive. She moved back in with her her parents where she got her associates of arts degree. This is when Gbowee truly started to become a peace activist. Gbowee started to join peace groups such as Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Program (THRP) and Taylor's boys. She began to also think of how important it is for women to have a voice during these times of war. She ended up joining up a group called The Women in Peacebuilding Network, or WIPNET. Gbowee became the head of the Liberian Unit and also began outreach programs such as the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace Movement. This is the movement that ended in the oust of President Taylor's rule over Africa. After this great achievement Gbowee is still trying to help underprivileged women in africa the wish to go to college. She is traveling around the globe getting the funds to send selected women to college.


  1. She seems to be a truly inspiring woman with a powerful voice that made a difference.

  2. This woman is truly inspiring, i wish more people made a difference like this, she really wanted to make the world a better place,


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