Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Journal #6- John Hunter Bayer

Other than Ismael, the character that meant most to me in the book is Esther. Esther is the biggest impact on Ismael's life during his rehabilitation. She connected to him so much by talking to him, giving him gifts from his past, but most importantly, she treated him like a human being. She didn't see the child solider who is willing to go on a bloody rampage because he is ordered to, but sees who Ismael used to be. It's obvious that Ismael has been impacted by Esther, and thanks to her loving and caring nature towards him, that he got his life back.

I believe that Ismael's rehabilitation was very important. It's thanks to it that he could have a normal life again. He was a bloodthirsty child solider jacked up on drugs and violence. It's obvious that rehabilitation is possible. It's the patient that shows if it works, and it clearly get Ishmael his life back. I would be willing to let Ishmael in my neighborhood because he wants to have a normal life, and explains this in the later chapters of the book.

 The one thing I will always remember from reading this book is the struggle of conflict. It happens in almost every chapter; from the civil war with the rebels and the government, or the internal conflict the Ishmael struggles with. One quote from Ishmael says "That didn't make me immune from the guilt that I felt for what I had done. Nonetheless, it lightened the burdensome memories and gave me strength to think about things." (pg. 166.)

The book makes me think about what happened to Ishmael after the events of the book. After a little research, I have learned about how the UNICEF helped him escape Freetown and sent to New York to live with his foster mother. He attended the United Nations International School. After high school he enrolled at Oberlin College and graduated in 2004 with a degree in Political Science. He turned his life around and fulfilled his dream of living in New York.

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Ishmael Beah, with his book A Long Way Gone


  1. great caption, i picked the same person because i believe she really did have the most impact on Ishmael's life turned him around for the better great topic

  2. I agree Esther had the biggest impact on Ishmael. Yes, his rehabilitation worked. I really like the quote you picked from pg. 166
    I too wondered what happen to Ishmael after the events in the book.

  3. I agree that Esther was important to Ishmael and his rehabilitation. Without her, I'm not sure how it would have played out.


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