Saturday, February 13, 2016

Journal 5 Chapter 17 Nick

     It starts with a simple tap on the shoulder from a young beautiful nurse. Following the tap was a hand baring a ice cold Coco-Cola. Joy over came Ishmael for a moment and he smiled a little bit. After this experience he went to the hospital to see the nurse. When he got there she told him that she would like to be friends but only if he wanted to and only after she trusted him. She introduced herself as Esther. While their friendship was growing she got him a gift. The gift was a Walkman and rap music. As time grew she trusted him enough to invite him over for dinner. After their meal they went for a walk and gazed at the stars and moon. As his eyes met the moon that night and he had felt something that he hadn't for a while, hope.

     The struggles Ishmael had to endure were unimaginable. To still be alive is amazing but for a child of his age to have been scared so early, it is a miracle that he would start recovery so soon. The most meaningful message from chapter 17 was, finding hope in the stars through Esther. He is very broken and has been trying to pick the pieces up and put himself back together for a while now. But has not been able to do it on his own. The prevailing nurse, Esther, was there for him every step of the way when he needed it. He is getting better and finding his way and figuring out how to put those pieces back together with the help of Esther. Its clearly shown when he and Esther just finished dinner at her house and they looked at the moon and stars and for a moment he felt something. Hope.

     In my life I have had an Esther of my own to come and save me. Her name is Esther, my girlfriend. She came upon me in a time of need in which I did not know I was lost but I was. Although my problems can not compare to that of Ishmael's, mine were still troubling. Esther came when things were broken for me and I had no where else to turn. I too like Ishmael suffered form sleepless nights and when I did manage to sleep I would shortly be awaken by horrific night terrors. What Esther has taught me is to pick your self up and not let the complications of this world bring you down. And that while your still alive things can always get better so you can find hope in believing that you can get through anything with time. 
The railroad of life. Sometimes you get derailed but you have to rely on spirit, will power, strength, and hope to get you back on track to keep you going.

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  1. I really like your image. I also like how you described each paragraph in great detail!


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