Monday, February 15, 2016

Hatred And Rage

Naomi Hillman
English 1109
Febuary 15,2016
Mike Lohre

Hatred and Rage

From reading the first two pages of chapter 16 the boys are being very reckless towards the civilians.The boys were unhappy because the villagers too away there guns and drugs. This made Beach furious because the drugs that he took were wearing off. The drugs that they took, they now need it since it gives them a boost to fight. Somethings that happened in the chapter is that the boys started being ruthless. Everyday and night they would fight some staff members and each other. They fought too much to where Beach had gotten glass inside his hand. He went to the hospital. A nurse patched him up asking him to come back tomorrow, but he refused. The next day Beach kept passing out, ending back at the hospital. Each day he passed and the nurse once again tried to help Beach but, he refused. Wasn’t long before he had to stay in the hospital. The nurse gave him a glass of water. Like the little brat he drank the water the threw the glass on the wall.
The theme from reading chapter 16 so far would have to be rage. These boys are so ruthless that they stabbed a poor man in the foot, then started beating up themselves. These boys don’t care about the rules anymore. They go around bullying anyone they see, ready to pick a fight. These boys are full with rage and hatred that they take their anger out on everyone else.

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