Monday, February 29, 2016

Snapshot 4 - Matthew Glenn

Music has always been a big part of my life. It is a way to express yourself, no matter how you are feeling. If the emotion in a song is strong enough, it is absolutely mood changing. Behind every song there is a story being told. Some are easy to be found, others take some time. Growing up it seemed that music was always playing. For me it is a way to clear my head, a stress reliever, gives me a better understanding of things and is a motivator. To narrow down my favorite type of music would be impossible. I listen to all kinds, as long as it sounds great.

The artist that has been imbedded into my head forever is Sarah McLachlan. Not because she is my favorite artist, but more because of a certain song. The reason for her specifically is because the emotion she conveys through her music. I was fourteen years old when I had first heard her music and it came over me like a ton of bricks. Before then, I don't remember hearing her, but I am sure I had.

When I was fourteen, my grandfather passed away after battling a great deal of illnesses. He was a very great man and accomplished many things, before his time was cut short. At his funeral there were many songs played, but the one that caught my attention the most was "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. I remember sitting in a crowded room, but this song sounded as if it was blaring. To be honest it is the best and the worst song I have ever heard. It sounds the way velvet feels, but at the same time it makes me cringe because it's a reminder of a horrible time. The lyrics say "in the arms of the angel, fly away from here, from this dark cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear, you are pulled from the wreckage, of your silent reverie, you're in the arms of the angel, may you find some comfort here". Those lyrics are important to me because it describes the way my grandfather felt before his time was up. He had been ill for a while and he sensed he was not going to recover. His illness felt endless and he was ready to go when the time came because he wasn't comfortable any longer.

Sarah McLachlan preforming "Angel"


  1. I agree that music is a way of expressing yourself. There are some songs that have more than one story behind it. Music also helps me clear my head and relieve stress. I looked up this song and I kind of liked it. I'm sorry for your loss.

  2. Sorry also about your Gramps, Matthew and this was a touching story of the mixed reactions a song can bring. Good writing!

  3. I am glad to find out that you like just about any type of music that sounds good to. I also am very touched by the memory you had with this song. While listening to this song and reading your snapshot I could feel the memory come to life. You did such a great job and you are right, there is a lot of emotion within this song.


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