Monday, April 11, 2016

The Library - Miranda( Snapshot six)

I am holding onto the past and how things used to be.  I treasure the old time building's and the paved brick roads along with house appliances from over one hundred years ago.  I love cleaning my grandmother's house and finding a surprise in every box or book.  It's so interesting to see her childhood right before my eyes from books from the 1800's, wooden toys, black and white photographs, and so many more treasures. It seems like I am the only one in my family that cares about these old and dusty things but for me they're what my grandma had and now I have them and will pass them down to my children eventually.  One scene is when I found my grandmother's old Quiver , which is her senior year book from 1939,When I was down in our basement, in our library. I was rearranging boxes upon boxes of books. There had to have been at least 20 boxes of books and I had finally had enough of not being able to walk across the floor from the tumbling boxes stacked in front of the bookcases and in the middle of the floor. So I started opening the boxes and stacking the books inside on top of our long bookcases to try and make floor space. As I opened the boxes I ran into silverfish, which are a small silver book worms but I found roughly 11 which is a huge accomplishment from when we first inherited the house when my grandma passed away in 2007 and found a few hundred silverfish under every box. The boxes were dusty, and coated with cobwebs and many boxes had small brown worm/caterpillar hybrid looking insects within them. By the time I got to the 7th box I had stacked nearly 175 books, some as old as 1852 and some as new as 2006. The older books had been ruined as the silverfish had ate all of the glue in the binding of the books, but also they were coated in mold because no one else but takes care of the library and we don't have a dehumidifier in there to reduce the moisture in the air so it ends up making a lot of the books to grow mold on the outside and along the edges of the pages. It is really disgusting to think about and to deal with including the bugs and mold, but someone has to organize the books and take inventory of what is there. We keep the books although they are gross because that is the one thing my father asked for is that we do not throw out any books, so my father is also holding on to the old books that he grew up with. We are holding on to the house and the memories made there as he helped my grandparents build the house in the early 1970’s and we both grew up there. I hold on to my father’s and grandmother’s childhood by keeping the papers and hidden treasures and am holding onto the old days, photographs, books, toys, saved and collected by my grandmother which will all to be passed down and cherished for decades to come even though the rest of the family over looked the stories these items have. I hold onto the house for all of it’s glory in the eyes of my grandmother for how she saw her treasured home.

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  1. Your not the only one that still loves old things. I understand completely.I'm too focused on the past. I can't let the old ways go. I love how you decribed things in your grandmothers house. I am the same before my grandmother died she had a lot of old priceless things that I wasnt aloud to touch. Since she died my family were thinking about selling the house, thank goodness they didnt.There is too many memories in that house. Its good that you should hold on to your home. Pass them down

  2. I really enjoyed reading about how much the things that passed down to you from your grandma means the world to you. A lot of people forget that they reason we have what we have, is because someone made something or created something that led to the ideas today. I feel like if there is anything you need to work on is putting some things in paragraphs and watching your run-on sentences. Good job!


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