Sunday, April 10, 2016

John Hunter Bayer- Snapshot #6

              There are many things in my life that hold dear to me. My passions, my family, almost everything I choose to do in my life I hold. But I think the most important thing I hold close to me is my friends. There are always in everyday of my life. They are always there for me, and I'm always there for them. You could consider some of my friends brothers to me. Even after all this time I am still close to my childhood friends, even with college catching up with us. There are a ton of stories that I would love to share. These stories can range from spending almost a week together during the summer, or hanging out during the weekends. I have never been good at making new friends, I am good at building old ones.

              One story I would like to share would be when my oldest friends, Cj and Kyle, rode bikes to my Cj's house. This has got to be one of the funniest moments I remember with them. We decided to ride our bikes to Cj's house because we needed to grab some clothes for him since he forgot some and was staying the night at my house. So we grabbed our bikes and headed out. It took only fifteen minutes to get to his house and it was fun going there. We were making jokes and telling stories about video games we were playing at the time. But as we were heading home, the wind picked up at lighting fast speed and was against us on the way back. We tried cycling our way back but were exhausted not even after two minutes. We were forced to walk the way back, which almost took an hour to get back. But during that time walking back Kyle said "I'm glad it's you two that I am stuck walking down the road with". Cj replied with "its because we are like brothers". It was one of the most memorable moments with them. To this day I still make memories with them, even with after all these years.

             I could go on and on about how great my friends are. From our late night gaming sessions to spending weekend after weekend at Lake Erie, my friends are something that only blood brothers could have. Sure, friends come and go, but the impact that we left on each other has changed a lot in each other's lives, and I am undoubtedly grateful for it.


  1. Friendship is a beautiful thing and you did very well presenting of why friends is one thing that you continue to hold on. It is more than great to go on and on with stories of what you used to do and stories about what you were going to do. Friends are rare to find, especially the good ones. I hope you and your friends continue to do more stuff like that and hold on to that bond that is so special inside. Good job!

  2. I also treasure my best friends and the memories we have created. I could feel the bond that you three had. The scene just seems to really bring out your meaning of friendship and what your friends mean to you. I especially like this part of the scene, 'But during that time walking back Kyle said "I'm glad it's you two that I am stuck walking down the road with". Cj replied with "its because we are like brothers".'
    There is just one piece of criticism that I have. I feel like the scene could have had more had details. Don't get me wrong the meaning behind this is strongly present but I think if the scene was more descriptive it could've made the meaning more powerful.


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