Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Beauty in the struggle

I will always hold onto my love for the sport of football and basketball, i will never and cant ever let my passion for sports go. Sports are full of emotions, passion, edge, and fight. Sports are about working together as a collective unit for one common goal, and that's winning. Being active in sports can also test character in many many ways, how do you work with others? can you be trusted to do your assignment? will you battle every play for your teammates? if you can truly be a dependent teammate and player then you would be viewed as a high character player, because you will sacrifice for others and do whats best for everybody. Our coaches always would preach "We put players in positions that we think is best for the team, team over me" football is a sport that can bring a group of people very close together, and that's part of the beauty. My senior year in high school i was the running back and linebacker, Our first scrimmage of the year changed my senior season forever and i would've never expected it. I was having a great scrimmage until one play changed my season. I was running the ball, i broke through the line like a inmate breaking out of jail. As the play continued a safety came out and took my knee out. I tried getting up and walking put the pain was too much.The trainer asked me "Wheres the pain at austin?" i pointed to the inside of my kneecap, the pain was too much for me to speak. The trainer eventually revealed to me that he thinks my MCL was torn. I missed half of the football season.
When i first heard this news i was really frustrated/upset. I felt like my whole season was ruined, then i remembered to stay strong because that's the best thing to do in tough situations. This injury would keep me out for a few months but when i started to come back from the injury i was going to work as hard as possible to come back better, and stronger than i was before the injury. I felt like this injury tested my character, not only because it was my senior season but because I've had an injury before take a season away, and i never wanted the feeling again.  I was faced with this situation and i had to deal with it as best as i could. I felt i had as good of a season as i could, pending the situation.


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