Monday, April 11, 2016

Snapshot 6 by Naomi Hillman

Writer Come’s to Life

When I was in junior high I had loved to write short stories. I would always find the perfect time to write a short story, at lunch, recess and, even during class if we weren’t doing anything. My first book that I had written was based off a Japanese Music video. “ Vestige,” it was called. I love that song so much that I decided to make it into a book. I was going to call it Vestige but that name was already taken so I had to come up with a better title and “Burning Flower,” was the name I took. I could picture the cover of the book now, “Burning Flower by MsAlice Nishikawa.”
MsAlice Nishikawa is my alter ego, its a character I give myself every time I write. Sounds silly, I know but I think its cool. I call it my stage name. As I grew up I got into more reading and writing. In High School I mostly spent my days after school at the library since I volunteered there. Volunteering has its advantages, I would ask any of the librarians to get me the newest comic book they could find. I like to read Japanese comic books also known as manga. As I read them I started to think, hey I want to write something like this. When I write I tend to put a little bit of fantasy or even science fiction like unnatural creatures. Super natural was the word I was looking for.
Been writing ever since, never had anything published yet, but that’s because my writing isn’t up to that level yet. Every day I would read one of my books and think to myself, man I really need to improve my grammar. My dream is to become a professional novelist. I guess you could say I’m holding onto my books and dreams. Reading manga inspires me to become a novelist or maybe I could write my own manga. I dream about writing my own manga then after that it can become an Anime (Japanese Cartoons). I have over 15 unfinished books and only one finished book. Funny right, I have all these books but only one is finished. Even a creative person such as myself can have writers block. Right now I’m currently writing another book, I wont get into details about what its about but, lets just say vampires are involved.
Since I wanted to become a writer I decided that my major for college was going to be English. I picked English as my major because I want to better my vocabulary for when I write. I’m an amateur when I write I’ll admit which is why I picked English. I heard in college that they have creative writing courses. Oh boy! Cant wait to get into that course.
I want to say that my treasures are my books that I write. Some of them are very old and some are new. Every time I get an idea I write it on paper and before you know it I’m already writing the third chapter to the book. I have a big imagination when it comes to writing. My imagination tends to grow as the day goes on and no one can take that away from me. I’m holding onto my creativity. 


  1. Personally I do not find your "stage name" silly in the least. I find it to be very eccentric and love that you are so creative. It sounds fascinating. My favorite part was, "I want to say that my treasures are my books that I write". Because it sums up what you feel and really tells everything you need to about this to understand your passion for writing. One thing that could improve the snapshot would be a stronger scene. On a side note away from the snapshot it's self. I too like to write but it's more just ideas then I'll try to expand them and they go no where that's my problem. However to get back to what I wanted to say was that if you are interested in expanding your vocabulary, reading more and higher level books really does help. To improve your writing I have found that stealing techniques from an author that uses the same style of writing as you do or style you want. And if you are ever comfortable enough to share your work I would love to read some.

  2. This was incredible. I like that you made your "stage name" It totally fits who you are as being a unique person. I like that you mentioned that only one book was finished. I would really enjoy to read that one because that is fascinating to hear you have such a great passion for it. One thing that made me wanting to more is, why were those books never finished? Also, I like that you present yourself in a different way that I enjoy. You writing this snapshot shows me a little bit more of what I don't see in class. I remember you mentioned you liked anime. This shows me that you anime does have a huge aspect of who you are and how you hope to get a piece to be anime. I do think you should go more in depth into that specific book that you had finished. It really makes me curious of why that book was finished. Good job!


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