Sunday, April 10, 2016

Snapshot 6- Nick Gurtler

Piece by Piece it Molds Me

     For years, ever since I can remember I've held on to things from all my relationships with people. Including family, friends, and even teachers. Even long after the relationship has ended I still hold on to something that they have left me with and it becomes a part of me. To this day all the relationships that I have had with people, have made me who I am. From my earliest relationships I took things. Such as playing video games. My dad since I was a very small child, played video games and would play with me and my older brother. I took from him the want to play video games which has turned into my addiction since that's what he did and all we always did together. My older brother left me with the need to seek those who succeed, to have it rub off on me or to have access to these people to further your self. He would seek out very established people to learn from and use to further his career, he would use them as recommendations to get a good job. While I have not been as successful in my search, it is something I have took from him. My mother is a very large hearted person and I took from here to always love and care for those around and closest to you. I am always there for both friends and family or anyone who needs it. My ex best friend was a piece of work when I first met him. He had multiple problems that were able to be fixed but weren't due to his home life and parents not being there to correct him. Being a troubled child, I shaped him up to be a respectful and better person. From that friendship I took the need to help others around me, those who are broken or troubled I feel the need to fix and help them as if no one else would. Following the end of that relationship I met my ex girl friend, she always was a very well rounded person and seemed as if she was prepared for anything you threw at her. I learned that she specifically studied a vast amount of things to be able to have an engaging conversation with anyone with almost about anything broadly. From her I took the need to feel prepared for any conversation prior to it happening, such as studying things that one might say during a conversation with someone you want to talk to. From all these people, the ones closest to me, I have taken something from them that I carry with me still to this day.
     Some of the earliest memories I have of my dad are those where I was in the basement with him and my older brother. Since I was about three the room in the basement seemed huge, when in fact it was not it was actually very small and crammed. While in the basement I can picture a desk against the wall next to a TV with a Nintendo 64 hooked up to it and a couch where my older brother sat. My dad sat at his big black desk on his computer playing Quake. I was on the floor watching my brother play games. This is the first memory I have of my dad. Him at his computer and my brother playing video games. That's why I have a need and want to play games.
     There are way more things that I hold on to but these are some of the biggest from some of the most important people in my life. My dad who I got games from is no longer in my life, my older brother too has moved on and is no longer involved in my life, my ex best friend became a bad influence who happens to also no longer be in my life, and my ex girlfriend is clearly no longer in my life. But the fact that all these people are not present around me physically does not mean that I do not carry a part of them in who I am today. These people but not just these people are all significant because I hold their things closer than others. With each new relation I make the more I hold and the more it molds. 


  1. Overall, wow! This was incredible. I really enjoyed all the detail you went into about the basement. I could totally understand why you are holding to this exactly. Playing games in enjoyable, but playing them with the people you love/loved is even better. Those memories will always carry on forever. Thanks for sharing !

  2. This is great! I agree with this, people close to you can have a direct influence on your life and who you become. Sounds like up to this point you have have mostly positive. You are young and have many more people that will come into your life, I think as you get older it is people with more substance and a stronger love that you will encounter. I am thankful all those in my life that I have enjoyed along the way.

  3. I think it's good to surround yourself with people who are successful. It's interesting how when you spend so much time with someone they sort of start to rub off on you. It's like you absorb some of their personality. Overall, I really enjoyed this.


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